Taharqa & Amenirdis statues

These mini-statues represent two of the most notable leaders of the Egyptian 25th Dynasty. Taharqa ruled as Pharaoh from 690-664 BC. Taharqa was the son of Piye, the Nubian king of Napata who first conquered Egypt in 744 BC. While Taharqa accomplished much as Pharaoh, his greatest feat was leading an army from Egypt to Jerusalem to help fend off an Assyrian attack that threaten to wipe out the religious capital and future birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Amenirdis was the daughter of Pharaoh Kashta and Queen Pebatjma, and was later adopted by Shepenupet I. She went on to rule as high priestess from 714 and 700 BC. At the height of her reign, Amenirdis served as a God’s Wife of Amun. This powerful position was not only the highest-ranking priestess, but also an incredibly powerful political position.

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Chosen By God [DVD]

The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty

A documentary film from Reel Image, Inc. It comprehensively chronicles the achievements and contributions of the earliest black leaders – the Nubian pharaohs who ruled Egyptian civilization for more than a century in 700 BC. Interviews with noted anthropologists, historians and theologians with expertise in Egyptian history all contribute to the discussion and validate the information presented.

The film asks and answers important questions regarding Egyptology, the history of Christianity and the Bible. From explaining why the Old Testament books of Chronicles and Kings end with the 25th Dynasty to linking the legacy of this dynasty with the preservation of the Jewish faith, CHOSEN BY GOD delves into the history of Christianity in Egypt and the contributions of the first generation of black leaders – the great black pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty!

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