Company and History

Founded in 1992 after the “civil unrest” in Los Angeles, Reel Image Inc. (RII) was originally a community lending organization known as Rebuild LA (RLA). Though RLA was able to create businesses and jobs in minority communities, the board ultimately concluded in 2002 the best way to impact the psyche of the disenfranchised residents in minority communities, experiencing extreme economic hardship, was to focus on improving the portrayal of minorities in television and film. As a result, they restructured RLA and created Reel Image Inc. (RII), a 501c3.

Today, RII is committed to its mission to improve diversity in front of and behind the cameras in Hollywood by developing the next generation of diverse, multiplatform content creators and helping them gain access to entertainment industry professionals.

RII achieves its mission by the following ways:

  • • Creating educational and job training programs for minority and female film students.
  • • Providing grants to minority and female film students in need of funding for their thesis project.
  • • Connecting aspiring minority and female content creators with essential resources at all stages of project development and distribution.
  • • Producing in-house culturally enriching micro-budget projects offering a positive portrayal of minorities and women.

What makes RII different is its board and Management, which collectively offers a deep knowledge in the following areas:

  • • Marketing and sales
  • • Television and media research
  • • Television production
  • • Film production and finance
  • • Accounting and consulting for structuring international financial transactions

Our People

Governing Board

Carl Dickerson — Chairman of Reel Image, Inc., Chairman of Dickerson Employee Benefits & Insurance Company, Vice Chairman of Town Hall Los Angeles, member of the Board of Trustees of Lincoln University, former Vice-Chairman of the Los Angeles Urban League, former President of the Black Business Association of Los Angeles, member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, member of the California Club – over 40 years of successful marketing and sales experience. Nationally respected business leader and marketing expert with exceptional relationships with key leaders of commerce, industry and politics at the local, state and national level. Published author, public speaker and past experience in talent management, concert promotion and the production of television and music content.

Sandy Peng — CFO of Reel Image, Inc. President and CEO of Penny Wiser Financial Consulting. Extensive experience in accounting and private financial consulting, with specific expertise in structuring complex financial transactions on an international basis.

Martin Recchuite, JD — Member of the Board of Reel Image, Inc. Past member of the Board of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Retired ARCO Finance Executive. Expertise in insurance, risk management, corporate finance and banking, with relationships in both the public and private sectors on an international basis.

Tony Lee — Member of the Board of Reel Image, Inc. Chief Executive Officer of Dickerson Employee Benefits & Insurance Company, member of the Board of the Los Angeles Urban League, member of the Board of the Community Financial Resource Center, the only non-lawyer that is a member of the Board of the Public Council Law Center. Combined with extensive expertise in business management and strategy, Mr. Lee also has developed extensive relationships with political leaders at the local, state and national level. Mr. Lee is a former Casting Director of the films, “Love and a Bullet,” “Menace to Society,” “Sprung,” and he wrote the screenplay for the critically acclaimed television film “The Road to Galveston” for the USA Network.

Connie Zastoupil — Member of the Board of Reel Image, Inc. Business background spans over 35 years, primarily in C-level executive management as a CMO, COO and CEO at several Fortune 500 companies; for-profit and non-profit corporations; trade associations, and in the film industry as an Executive Producer. She has functioned in an employment, consulting and entrepreneurial capacity with specialties in turn-around management and business development.

Advisory Board

Stella Albright — Producer, President of Albright Int’l Inc, Partner at Albright, Yee & Schmit, APC.

Rick Joseph, Esq. — Entertainment Attorney.

Reuben Cannon — Film Producer, Casting Director.

Charles Howard — Executive Producer, Co-Chair for the Producers Guild of America Diversity Workshop.


Carl Gist — Executive Director of Reel Image, Inc.  Experience in public policy, business development, strategy, fundraising and community relations.  As a former Federal lobbyist and National Account Manager, Mr. Gist has developed extensive relationships in the public and private sectors.