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Founded in 1992 after the “civil unrest” in Los Angeles, Reel Image Inc. (RII) was originally a community lending organization known as Rebuild LA (RLA). Though RLA was able to create businesses and jobs in minority communities, the board ultimately concluded in 2002 the best way to impact the psyche of the disenfranchised residents in minority communities, experiencing extreme economic hardship, was to focus on improving the portrayal of minorities in television and film. As a result, they restructured RLA and created Reel Image Inc. (RII), a 501c3.

Today, RII is committed to its mission to improve diversity in front of and behind the cameras in Hollywood by developing the next generation of diverse, multiplatform content creators and helping them gain access to entertainment industry professionals.

RII achieves its mission by the following ways:

  • • Creating educational and job training programs for minority and female film students.
  • • Providing grants to minority and female film students in need of funding for their thesis project.
  • • Connecting aspiring minority and female content creators with essential resources at all stages of project development and distribution.
  • • Producing in-house culturally enriching micro-budget projects offering a positive portrayal of minorities and women.

What makes RII different is its board and Management, which collectively offers a deep knowledge in the following areas:

  • • Marketing and sales
  • • Television and media research
  • • Television production
  • • Film production and finance
  • • Accounting and consulting for structuring international financial transactions

Key Strategic Allies:

  • • ABC
  • • CBS
  • • Fox
  • • HBO
  • • Writers Guild of America, West
  • • Sundance Institute
  • • The Walter Kaitz Foundation
  • • T.D. Jakes Entertainment
  • • Sony
  • • The Office of Los Angeles
  • Mayor, Eric Garcetti
  • • The Black List
  • • Dream Magic Studios

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The reel in Reel Image says it all. It’s a fantastic resource to get the real on the entertainment industry, especially for aspiring minority and women filmmakers. In an industry that prides itself on being opaque, here’s one place that’ll help you see clear.
Franklin Leonard, The Black List

The Entertainment industry is one of our City’s heritage industries and an important pillar of our creative economy. In Mayor Garcetti’s administration, we believe this industry not only creates important jobs for Angelenos, but also provides opportunities to inspire change, portray cultural diversity and reflect positive role models to our society. The Mayor has also been a champion of expanding local filming, and of local filmmakers. Our office had the privilege of working with Reel Image Inc last year where aspiring film students came to City Hall to hear from a panel of top writers, filmmakers, and entertainment experts. We applaud the work of Reel Image Inc as they continue to advance the cause of economic opportunity in our film industry.
Glyn Milburn, Senior Executive Corporate Planning/Business Development/ Economic Policy, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti

Working with Reel Image Inc has been a pleasure. We’ve worked closely with them to create an enriching pipeline development program, which has turned out to be a great compliment to our other initiatives. Their diligence, responsiveness and attention to detail are exactly what we look for in potential partners.
Dr. David Porter, Executive Director, Walter Kaitz Foundation

Reel Image is a great resource for aspiring minority and women filmmakers. They provide access to in-depth industry discussions and panels. If you are interested in a career in entertainment, Reel Image a great place to network and meet like-minded individuals.
Tery Lopez, Director of Diversity, Writers Guild of America, West